Early May brings the Cobia inshore to spawn

When the waters in Beaufort, SC warm to the 70's, it's time to dust off the circle hook rigs, the chum bag, and load your livewell with live eels. It's Cobia time...

Feb 10 2015


Sheepshead: The winter monts are primetime at your local artificial reef

As the SC waters cool off, the normally inshore structure become somewhat vacant as the large Sheepshead move offshore to spawn. load up with Jetty Crickets or frsh oysters and make your way to the many artifical reef up and down the South Carolina coast...

Jan 02 2015

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cooking video blacken'd dolphin

This is your one stop for fishing tips and cooking tips. Read and learn how to catch fish from the pros and then learn how to cook that catch form some of the top chefs..

The Reef Donkey

If you're looking for a great fight on a rod, the Reef Donkey is your choice. Actually, the Reef Donkey is better known as the greater Amberjack and it's nothing but muscle...

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Don't for get the grill

One of the best things you can do on the boat is to grill out. Grab youself one of the many stainless steel grills form the boat store and you're off to have a hot meal while fishing...